A walk-through the software development of LF AI projects

The LF AI Foundation hosts and supports open source projects within the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning space. This post shows how the different LF AI projects software development activity evolved over time and the impact that The Linux Foundation brought to them.

Third round: Hyperledger vs COVID-19

Some weeks ago we introduced Open Source Development resistance against COVID-19  where we analyzed how a pandemic could impact Open Source development on projects such as the Linux Kernel or Kubernetes. This time, Bitergia runs the analysis on a third project: Hyperledger

Second round: COVID-19 vs Open Source Development

Last week we introduced Open Source Development resistance against COVID-19  discussion where we analyzed how a pandemic could impact Open Source development. This time, Bitergia runs the analysis on a second project: Kubernetes

The fight is on: COVID-19 vs Open Source Development

During the last months, COVID-19 (i.e., Coronavirus) has grown into a pandemic. Countermeasures to stop spreading the virus are having a huge impact on the economy in many countries. What about the software industry and open source? Would it be possible to check, somehow, the impact the virus has on open source software development? This […]

Uber’s community: software development analytics for open source offices

Map of GitHub Issues and Pull requests geographical distribution in GitHub's Uber organization

On Thursday, November 15, 2018, Uber hosted its first open source event, Uber Open Summit 2018 for developers and community leaders. For this special occasion, Bitergia created a report to highlight Uber Open Source community engagement. Like many open source program offices, Uber open source had questions regarding project activity and performance, two important factors for […]

More than 30 data sources supported by Bitergia Analytics!

Cloudfoundry overview with Bitergia Analytics

How have we ended with more than 30 different data sources supported in our Bitergia Analytics product? During the last couple of years I’ve been so focused on improving the support and operating areas here in Bitergia that I forgot to stop and look back to see how far we have “walked” in terms of […]

Gender-diversity Analysis of the Linux Kernel Technical Contributions

On the 8th of October we joined LinuxCon to share our Gender Diversity Analysis of technical contributions to the Linux Kernel. We are aware of the diversity gap in the tech industry and the efforts of some institutions, like Linux Foundation, are doing to solve it. So, we decided to add our five cents, working […]

Analyzing code review in Xen

Time-to-merge in Xen, per semester

The Xen project is an open source software project that does pre-commit peer code review. This means that every change to the source code follows a code review process, in which any developer can participate, before being accepted in the code base. During that process, the patch is carefully inspected and improved thanks to the […]