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In our previous post about Cauldron, we introduced Cauldron as a SaaS solution for project managers, analysts, and developers to analyze the community and processes of open source software development projects.

This post introduces new features of Cauldron and outlines our plan for the future. These additions are built on top of GrimoireLab and OpenDistro for Elasticsearch.

New web interface

User Experience was a major push over the past months. The first page for Cauldron.io now has a more user-friendly web interface.


Cauldron - Level Up Software Development Analytics(2)

For logged-in users, we redesigned the overview of all the projects that are being analyzed to provide more relevant information at a glance.

Screenshot_2020-01-28 Cauldron - Level Up Software Development Analytics

What do you think about the Cauldron.io user experience? We do love to hear from you about best practices and ideas to improve it, so feel free to send some feedback.

Cauldron Community

Cauldron has a new community space! We just launched a new post within user guide and documentation showing the required steps to prepare your workspace before building custom visualizations and dashboards. The community is also for sharing recipes for building metrics and visualizations.


Feature highlight: Datatables to manage repositories

Datatables is an important new feature on the project configuration page. It allows managing a large number of repositories within a single table with the help of  filters for data sources and convenient pagination.

Screenshot_2020-01-28 Cauldron - Level Up Software Development Analytics(2)

A new option for adding GitHub or GitLab repositories allows to select whether to analyze: issues and pull/merge requests (from API), commits (from git log), or both (API and git log).

We implemented a popular request concerning data sources that already existed in our database. Before, when adding such a data source, it would use the old and already existing data only. The request was to automatically update any data that is requested for a new project dashboard. With the new version of Cauldron.io, all data will be refreshed when a data source is added to a project dashboard.

What’s next

Next Cauldron release, will be showcased during CHAOSSCon and FOSDEM in Brussels at the end of January. If you’re around, don’t miss Manrique’s talk Meet Cauldron! Your SaaS Software Development Analytics solution” to learn more.

A challenge we will tackle in the upcoming weeks is scaling the service to hundreds and thousands of simultaneous users. We need your help testing this: please spread the word and recruit your friends to help us test Cauldron.io’s scalability.

If you still want to learn more and stay up to date about the latest Cauldron releases, we have great news for you! Cauldron has now a newsletter: sign up now!



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