OpenInfra Foundation Partnership

OpenInfra and Bitergia partnered in providing metrics to OpenInfra projects.

Community metrics and insights for OpenInfra projects

Through this partnership, OpenInfra projects get a metrics dashboard to have insights about how they are doing. Projects can always ask Bitergia for help with the dashboards, metrics, and making sense of it. Bitergia joins as a Silver Member of OpenInfra Foundation to be readily available and more connected to everyone.

OpenInfra has an insightful approach of supporting open source projects with the guiding principles of the "Four Opens" and believes metrics are a key success factor.

"Bitergia is the internationally-recognized team of experts in open source metrics. It really makes sense for the OpenInfra Foundation to partner more closely with them as we look towards supporting the next decade of open infrastructure projects. Through this partnership, all OpenInfra projects will have access to pertinent and standard community metrics and insights.”

- Thierry Carrez, GM of the OpenInfra Foundation.

OpenInfra Summit

The OpenInfra Summit will be held in Berlin, Germany on June 07, 08 and 09. Summit attendees will engage in 100+ sessions around infrastructure use cases like cloud computing, edge computing, hardware enablement, and security. The Summit is focused on helping users compose, integrate, and operate these different technologies to solve real problems at scale.

Community Metrics Corner

At the OpenInfra Summit 2022 in Berlin, Bitergia will host the "Community Metrics Corner” and associated events. We will have the project dashboards available to dive into metrics as needed. The Metrics Corner is a lounge for OpenInfra project members to:

Talk about metrics

Learn more about project sustainability

See how projects are doing

Stop by, hang out and relax!

Are you going to the Summit? Contact us so we can meet in our Corner!

Dashboards of Zuul, Kata Containers and StarlingX projects

Strengthening the 4 opens with open source dashboards: Open Source, Open Design, Open Development and Open Community.

Kata Containers is an open source project delivering increased container security and workload isolation through an implementation of lightweight virtual machines.

“The Kata Containers community has been successful in bringing in new members and engaging them.” - Sunny Cai, OpenInfra.

Highlights from last 2 years:

  • 167 Contributors from 64 companies
  • 5,978 Commits
  • 3,970 Pull Requests

More info:

Edge cloud computing infrastructure for high performance, ultra-low latency applications.

StarlingX is a complete cloud infrastructure software stack for the edge used by the most demanding applications in industrial IoT, telecom, and other use cases.

“The StarlingX project weathered the challenges of COVID which is visible in the consistent code review performance and the strong recovery after the lockdown.” - Ildiko Vancsa, OpenInfra Foundation

More info:

CI/CD platform for gating changes across multiple systems/repos.

Zuul is an open source CI/CD platform specializing in gating changes across multiple systems and applications before landing on a single patch.

“For version 5.0, the Zuul project did a major rearchitecting of the platform during 2021” - Clark Boylan, OpenInfra Foundation

Highlights from last 2 years:

  • 89 Contributors from 24 Organizations
  • 2,980 Changesets
  • 1,058 Commits
  • 249 Emails

More info:

Dashboards for OpenStack: Programmable infrastructure for VMs, containers and bare metal.

As part of the OpenInfra-Bitergia partnership, every project gets a dashboard. OpenInfra projects can request additional metrics services from Bitergia, including:

  • DEI survey and analysis
  • Trainings (base introduction training for free)
  • Custom dashboard development
  • Annual report
  • Fairness, transparency, and openness analysis
  • Additional analytics work based on quote

About OpenInfra Foundation

With over 100,000 members in 187 countries, the OpenInfra Foundation helps open source communities build the tools infrastructure operators need for Data Center Clouds, 5G, Edge, Containers, CI/CD, and beyond.

About Project Sustainability and Metrics

Sustainable open source projects are important to reduce the risk of relying on open source software. This means fostering engaged communities that take responsibility for maintaining and advancing the software. Metrics provide key indicators about how a community is doing and where special attention may be needed. Key factors to evaluate include level of activity.